How do you protect your home when you don’t own the structure you live in?

Unlike traditional homeowners, condominium and townhome owners don’t own the structure of the condo or townhome row as whole, which leaves them at the mercy of the property owners and their insurance. Additionally, while your condo or townhome association dues go towards insurance that handles the expenses incurred in shared areas for upkeep and maintenance, your individual unit is typically not included in that insurance package. It’s important to ensure that you are covered should anything happen to your unit or to any of your property inside your unit.

Condo and townhome coverage helps protect you, including furniture, appliances, kitchen and bath facilities, and your personal items. It also covers you if you plan to make improvements or upgrades to your unit, including wall units, renovations, and wallpaper or if someone is injured on your property. Just because you aren’t a typical homeowner doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same peace of mind.

If you would like to feel more secure in your condo or townhome, look into an insurance plan from Carmouche Insurance today.

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