Off-Road Vehicle

If  you’re an ATV rider looking to have some weekend fun or you use your side-by-side to manage miles of fence line, having your off-road vehicle damaged, wrecked, or stolen can be a devastating loss of time and money. Carmouche Insurance offers several different types of off road vehicle insurance to ensure that you are fully covered.

ATV Insurance: Whether you drive an all terrain vehicle, quad, or four wheeler, it’s important to keep your ATV protected. These vehicles are a big investment regardless of whether you’re using them to do weekend cruising, to run around the farm, or to go hunting. So many scenarios can arise that might put your vehicle out of commision or that might cause you to be liable for damage done with your vehicle.

What happens if it’s sitting in the garage and a poorly placed battery ruins the gas tank and engine? What if you’re not on your property and have an accident? Are you or your ATV covered? Even worse, if someone steals it from your backyard, or it’s hit while waiting to load your quad onto the trailer at your favorite trail – how are you going to replace it?

Carmouche Insurance is here to protect you and your ATV from all of this and more.

Dirt Bike Insurance: Many people who compete in enduro rides have to be registered and insured – even hare scrambles can require coverage for your motorcycle. If you participate in activities where coverage is required or you simply want to protect your investment, Carmouche Insurance agents can help craft the right policy to protect your dirt bike.

Side-by-Side and Full Size 4WD Insurance: Even though your side-by-side may never see pavement or even be registered, it is still a high value piece of personal property. It’s important to protect it from theft, accident, or act-of-god and to protect yourself from any liability should you injure someone else or damage someone else’s property.

Don’t leave your side-by-side, Jeep, or buggy vulnerable to anything other than the trails you’re riding on. A Carmouche Insurance agent will make sure that you and your vehicle are protected.

Keep your weekend ride safe with insurance from Carmouche Insurance.

Our qualified agents will help you find the best coverage to keep ATV, dirt bike, or side-by-side safe.